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The Chesterfield Health District is comprised of Chesterfield County, Powhatan County and the City of Colonial Heights with a population of over 374,000 citizens covering 726 square miles.  The mission of the District is to protect, preserve and promote optimum health for the community through excellence in public health. The Environmental Health Division accomplishes this mission by providing the following services:

Food Safety Program – Inspects and permits all food establishments including restaurants, school and hospital cafeterias, caterers, child care centers, nursing homes, temporary food events and migrant labor camps, ensuring that food is handled and served safely. Provides nationally certified food safety training program for food managers in English, Spanish and Chinese. Basic food safety training and educational programs provided for youth activity volunteers, food service workers and the general public through community outreach efforts. Performs annual inspections for facilities licensed by the Department of Social Services to ensure adequate water, septic, sanitation and safety standards are maintained.

Rabies Prevention Program – Evaluates animal bite reports to ensure animals are quarantined for observation or tested for rabies. Assures that persons possibly exposed to rabies receive appropriate post-exposure treatment. The program provides information to the community about rabies prevention.

General Environmental Complaint Investigation – Responds to general environmental complaints such as removal of trash, mosquito control, bed bugs, etc.