General information
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1. All alleged violations and corrections were discussed with the person in charge.
2. The person in charge was informed of the new 2016 Virginia Department of Health Food Regulations, which went into effect on July 12, 2016. The significant changes were explained and written information was also provided.
3. The FDA Form 1-B Conditional Employee or Food Employee Reporting Agreement was provided to operator for the development and implementation of the Employee Health Policy.
4. Allercard Allergen Aliases information was provided.
5. Hot water faucet at the cooking area handsink is not working, employees are manually turning on and off the hot water from the shut-off valve. Informed person in charge to contact plumber for repair. Explained employees need access to hot water to wash their hands.
6. Discussed preventing contamination of food with utensils used to handle raw animal meats and products and RTE food.
7. Prep cooler does not appear to functioning appropriately and water was observed at the base of the unit. Instructed person in charge to contact plumber for repair. Assisted establishment in identifying TCS foods held longer than 4 hours to voluntarily discard for safety. TCS foods placed in the unit this morning were relocated to the walk in cooler. Experienced resistance during this process from the food establishment.