Billing Overview

Ei Manager has a complete billing and accounting module used for invoicing, collecting and tracking fees associated with permits, inspection services, applications and other services in the system. It tracks fees, invoices, payments and receipts.

The billing module is created in the main template and there are a series of required steps which must be followed accurately to perform a billing run including:

  • System settings
  • Combine businesses rules and revenue centers
  • Fee configuration
  • Fee and invoice creation
  • Enter payments
  • Issue receipts and documents (permits)

Access to the billing module is based on the access control list as set up by the client. There is an initial setup of businesses and fees in the 'System Settings' and an administration security role is required to set these fields.

The system tracks transactions based on the owner, or person, requesting a permit, application or service. Fee Configuration requires an initial set up and then can be updated as required when fee amounts change. Fees may be set up by:

  • fees may be set up by facility type and sub type
  • fees may be set up by county or state
  • each sub type can be billed differently if desired
  • include fee codes if required
  • multi-facility discounts may be set up if required
  • pro-rated fees may be set up if required
  • must security access to change fee configuration

Fees may be created in batch for a billing run, or singularly as required throughout the financial year (late fee billing). Fees may be created from a facility, a permit, application documents or billing views. The system also provides complete auditing features.
Invoices similarly may be created by batch for a billing run, or singularly as required throughout the financial year. Invoices can be created either from fee documents or from billing views. Once an invoice is printed it is locked down. The system provides an audit trail to record who made and changed invoices.

The system has an e-commerce capability to accept payments over a secure web site, to issue automatic payment receipts and to issue permits or level one acceptance of applications. Payments receive by mail, or in person, may be processed by batch or singularly as required throughout the financial year. The system will accept both full or partial payments and each receipt with indicate the same. There is a comment field to indicate payment type - check, POS, credit card or even cash. An audit trail exists to record who posted payments.






  • Configurable fees
  • One time billing, ie Septic Applications
  • Find outstanding fees easily
  • 30-60-90 day tracking