Ei Manager Security Overview

HealthSpace’s Ei Manager offers the highest security standards possible. It has been audited routinely by both state and federal government and meets or exceeds their identified user and IT security requirements.

Security is site and situation specific.

The following is an overview of the security elements have been established to meet our clients' specific requirements:

  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC) of all documents.
  • Public Key authentication, encryption, signatures all built-in and based on RSA technology.
  • Databases designed with proper separation-of-duties between security and operational staff
  • Local replicas of databases encrypted in case of operating system level hacks (smart client)
  • All communications streams encrypted
  • Certifier requires three users to sign in and create new users
  • Protocols in place to use Site Security Officer as cross check on Management requests
  • Security can be applied to all, or parts, of documents
  • Servers all firewalled with active monitoring by our staff of both server and firewall logs
  • Audit trailing built-in
  • Access Control List logs with audit trails built-in
  • Separate log server, which is not accessible to Company systems administrators
  • Available username/password security for secured web site
  • Meets security standards to support on-line payments

Unauthorized access to both the network and to databases is prevented by countering automated intrusion tools such as automated dictionary attacks. HealthSpace supplies a multilevel approach to protect users who work connected to the network in the office, who work connected in the field, or who work disconnected from the network. The application can work disconnected from the network and maintain all of the functionality and usability in all program areas; when the network connection is re-established, all databases and records are updated.



Security Overview

  • 128bit Encryption
  • ID and password login
  • Data stored in our secure server farm
  • Data backed up daily