Ei Manager provides the following reporting options:

Live Views - These are native views within the EHS Manager interface that display day-to-day reports of your data which can be organized to reflect the way you work.

Application Data Interface (ADI) - The ADI allows you convenient access to all your data, and allows you to develop your own custom reports using the reporting tool of your choice (MS Excel, MS Access, SnapReporter, etc.) The ADI consists of two components: data export and export file documentation. The data export uses ODBC technology to copy data out of EHS Manager onto the user's computer in the format of the user's choice. Available formats include Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel and xBase. The export file document lists the name, data type and description of each data item in a particular export. It also gives a brief synopsis of each data set and which fields to use to link it to other related data sets. Both components are accessed from inside EHS Manager in a simple user interface.

Browser Based Canned Reports - All modules include very flexible reporting options available via a secure website.

Details and explanations can be provided on request.


Flexible Reporting

  • Custom reports

  • Various levels of reporting

  • Data updated quickly

  • Export to multiple formats if required