Tobacco Control - Overview

Ei Tobacco allows regulatory agencies to monitor and track all facilities that sell tobacco.
A special Tobacco Facility Investigation tool tracks facilities abusing tobacco laws, records tobacco sales abuses as well as providing issued ticket information.

Ei Tobacco provides:

  • Inspection tools
  • Full inspection history
  • Monitor complaints and service requests
  • Tobacco Enforcement Program summaries
  • Premises inspections
  • Actions taken
  • Compliance Checks and Decoy Purchase tools
  • Correspondence Tracking
  • All Letters and File notes
  • Orders and Violation Ticket Tracking
  • Inspection Results can optionally be posted to a Web Site.

This module provides the tools necessary to monitor and regulate
tobacco facilities including:

  • Find premises by any criteria
  • Monitor complaints and service requests
  • Record tobacco complaints in relation to a facility
  • Record follow-up actions on complaints
  • Post compliance records to a web site
  • Correspondence Tracking
  • Orders and Violation Ticket Tracking
  • Publish Tobacco Free Food Facilities along with Food inspection
    results to a public website.





  • From inspections to tickets
  • Track all activity
  • Easy scheduling
  • Track complaints