Sampling Details
Sub Type: Apartment/Condo Special Feature: Location:
Area: 1615 Volume (gallons): 63447 Flow measure reading (gpm): 140 Minimum required flow (gpm): 132
Disinfectant: Sodium Hypochlorite Secondary Disinfectant: ORP: Turnover Rate (min): 480
Total Chlorine (ppm): 2 Free Chlorine (ppm): 2 Combined Chlorine (ppm): 0 Total Bromine (ppm):
Alkalinity (ppm): 80 Pool water temp ˚F: 74 pH: 7.2 Cyanuric acid (ppm):
Spa water temp ˚F: Spa water replaced every 30 days: Max Allow. Filter Flow (gpm): 98 Max Allow. Flow: Jet pump capacity (gpm):
Max Allow. Flow: SF pump capacity (gpm):
[?] A summary of the violations found during the inspection are listed below.

3701-31-04 (A) / All construction or alterations of a public swimming pool are approved
Sand filters have been replaced since last inspection.
Submit an equipment replacement notification form for approval for the equipment change made. Form provided.
3701-31-04 (B)(4)(a)(iv) / Water temperatures are recorded daily
Water temperatures were not being recorded daily.
Take and record the water temperature at least once/day.
3701-31-04 (B)(4)(a)(vi) / Total alkalinity is tested weekly
Total alkalinity was not tested weekly.
Test total alkalinity at least once/week.
3701-31-04 (B)(4)(c) / SVRS/APSOS/ACC test results/ service records are maintained
SVRS test results/ service records were not maintained.
The test results/service records for these devices must be kept on site for review. If the device has not been recently serviced, have the device tested immediately and provide documentation of the test results. StingL switch was tested during inspection. It functions properly at this time. Test and record results at least once every 30 days on pool daily operation sheets.
3701-31-04 (B)(6)(o) / Ladders/stairs/steps are in good repair/slip resistent
Hand rails for steps and ladder were not secure in their moorings.
Repair hand rails so that they are secure in their moorings.
3701-31-04 (B)(6)(q) / Depth markers/deck warning signs are maintained
Depth markers/deck warning signs were not maintained in a clearly legible/visible manner.
Replace the depth markers/deck warning signs at the deep end of the pool so that bathers are able to clearly see the depth of the water and that no diving is permitted where clearly indicated.
3701-31-04 (B)(6)(s) / Perimeter barrier is in good repair to prevent unauthorized entry
Corrected During Inspection Perimeter barrier gate did not self close as required.
Repair the perimeter barrier gate so as to prevent accidental drowining by unauthorized access to the pool.
3701-31-04 (E)(2)(a)(i) / 12 ft. non-telescopic reach pole with shepherd's crook is provided
Shepherd's crook is mounted on a 12 foor telescopic pole at the unguarded pool.
Provide a 12 ft. non-telescopic reach pole in the pool area at all times.

Inspection Information

[?] Facility Type: Pool

[?] Inspection Type: Standard

[?] Inspection Date: 30-June-2014

Facility inspection notes:
Disinfectant residual and water quality readings meet code requirements at this time.
Facility is planning to install a new perimeter fence around the pool in the next 4 weeks. Check code requirements. Permits may be required. Contact Permit Central at 732-7213 about permitting requirements.