Sampling Details
Sub Type: Apartment/Condo Special Feature: Location:
Area: Volume (gallons): Flow measure reading (gpm): Minimum required flow (gpm):
Disinfectant: Sodium Hypochlorite Secondary Disinfectant: ORP: Turnover Rate (min): 480
Total Chlorine (ppm): 6 Free Chlorine (ppm): 6 Combined Chlorine (ppm): 0 Total Bromine (ppm):
Alkalinity (ppm): 70 Pool water temp ˚F: 69 pH: 7.2 Cyanuric acid (ppm):
Spa water temp ˚F: Spa water replaced every 30 days: Max Allow. Filter Flow (gpm): Max Allow. Flow: Jet pump capacity (gpm):
Max Allow. Flow: SF pump capacity (gpm):
[?] A summary of the violations found during the inspection are listed below.

No critical violations were documented at the time of inspection.

No violations were documented at the time of inspection.

Inspection Information

[?] Facility Type: Pool

[?] Inspection Type: Pre-Licensing

[?] Inspection Date: 03-June-2021

No violations observed during the inspection.
Pool Notes:
1. All required safety equipment is provided.
2. According to Scott (Sheehan Pools), adjustment chemicals had been added one (1) hour prior to the inspection.
3. Per discussion with Corey Schwab (ODH), the pool will be Approved when four (4) inch gap fencing issues have been resolved. Mr. Schwab stated a follow-up from ODH inspection will not be required. Therefore, this report shall serve as a verbal Approval From ODH.
4. When Final ODH Approved and Occupancy are obtained, the Swmming Pool is Approved for licensing. This report shall serve as an APPROVAL FOR LICENSING. The facility must make application for a Public Swimming Pool License. License.
Thanks and Good Luck!
The report was emailed to the facility.
Contact Scott Bradley, E.H.S. (732-7614) with any questions.