Sampling Details
Sub Type: Apartment/Condo Special Feature: Location:
Area: 985 Volume (gallons): 29500 Flow measure reading (gpm): 100 Minimum required flow (gpm): 61
Disinfectant: Sodium Hypochlorite Secondary Disinfectant: ORP: 655 Turnover Rate (min): 480
Total Chlorine (ppm): 3 Free Chlorine (ppm): 3 Combined Chlorine (ppm): 0 Total Bromine (ppm):
Alkalinity (ppm): 160 Pool water temp ˚F: 77 pH: 7.6 Cyanuric acid (ppm):
Spa water temp ˚F: Spa water replaced every 30 days: Max Allow. Filter Flow (gpm): 98 Max Allow. Flow: Jet pump capacity (gpm):
Max Allow. Flow: SF pump capacity (gpm):
[?] A summary of the violations found during the inspection are listed below.

3701-31-04 (B)(6) / Equipment is maintained per manufacturers specifications.
One (1) skimmer basket weir is missing.
Replace the missing weir.

Inspection Information

[?] Facility Type: Pool

[?] Inspection Type: Standard

[?] Inspection Date: 17-August-2015

No other violations observed during the inspection.
The pool looks great!
Pool Notes:
1. The pool water is clear.
2. ACC unit pH noted at 7.6.
3. Pool turnover rate=4.9 hours.
4. Filter pressure gauge noted at 11psi.
5. The 2015 Swimming Pool License is posted.
6. Pool records found in satisfactory compliance.
7. All required safety equipment is available for use.
8. Copy of the inspection report was left with pool records.
Inspection conducted by Scott Bradley,R.S. 732-7614