Sampling Details
Sub Type: Apartment/Condo Special Feature: Location:
Area: 1615 Volume (gallons): 63447 Flow measure reading (gpm): 63 Minimum required flow (gpm): 132
Disinfectant: Sodium Hypochlorite Secondary Disinfectant: ORP: Turnover Rate (min): 480
Total Chlorine (ppm): 4 Free Chlorine (ppm): 4 Combined Chlorine (ppm): 0 Total Bromine (ppm):
Alkalinity (ppm): 70 Pool water temp ˚F: pH: 7.1 Cyanuric acid (ppm):
Spa water temp ˚F: Spa water replaced every 30 days: Max Allow. Filter Flow (gpm): 98 Max Allow. Flow: Jet pump capacity (gpm):
Max Allow. Flow: SF pump capacity (gpm):
[?] A summary of the violations found during the inspection are listed below.

3701-31-04 (B)(4)(c) / SVRS/APSOS/ACC test results/ service records are maintained
Repeat Corrected During Inspection SVRS/APSOS/ACC test results/ service records were not maintained.
Record monthly test data for the StingL switch on daily pool operation reports. The test results/service records for these devices must be kept on site for review. If the device has not been recently serviced, have the device tested immediately and provide documentation of the test results. Tested during inspection. Functions properly.
3701-31-04 (C)(2) / pH is within 7.2 to 7.8
pH reading of 7.1 was outside the range of 7.2 to 7.8.
Treat the pool water so that the pH is within the acceptable range.
3701-31-04 (E)(2)(d) / First aid kit provided
First aid kit lacks a sufficient supply of various sized adhesive bandages.
Provide sufficient materials to stop bleeding in the first aid kit at the pool at all times.

Inspection Information

[?] Facility Type: Pool

[?] Inspection Type: Standard

[?] Inspection Date: 04-August-2014

Facility inspection notes:
Disinfectant residual and total alkalinity readings meet minimum code requirements at this time. Thanks for a good pool season.
Pool has two flow meters - 1 on each filter line. Readings were 60 GPM on the left side and 65-70 GPM on the right side.
Submit equipment change notification for sand filter change if you have not already done so.
New perimeter fence and gate installed. Fence looks great! Height = 49-50 inches; gaps <4 inches.