Sampling Details
Sub Type: Other Special Feature: Location:
Area: 1440 Volume (gallons): 43200 Flow measure reading (gpm): 90 Minimum required flow (gpm): 90
Disinfectant: Sodium Hypochlorite Secondary Disinfectant: ORP: 659 Turnover Rate (min):
Total Chlorine (ppm): 3 Free Chlorine (ppm): 3 Combined Chlorine (ppm): 0 Total Bromine (ppm):
Alkalinity (ppm): 100 Pool water temp ˚F: 82 pH: 7.4 Cyanuric acid (ppm): 20
Spa water temp ˚F: Spa water replaced every 30 days: Max Allow. Filter Flow (gpm): 141 Max Allow. Flow: Jet pump capacity (gpm):
Max Allow. Flow: SF pump capacity (gpm):
[?] A summary of the violations found during the inspection are listed below.

3701-31-04 ( D )(6)(a) / ORP reading shall be 650 millivolts or greater.
Repeat ORP reading of 641 mV was slightly less than the minimum code limit of 650 mV.
Clean and re calibrate ORP probe. If this does not solve the problem, have the ACC unit inspected to determined why the ORP is low.
3701-31-04 (B)(6)(s) / Perimeter barrier is in good repair to prevent unauthorized entry
Repeat While the entry gate to the pavilion has been repaired and now functions properly, the conde-locked entry gates to the pool area was found to be temporarily secured via a cable lock. While inspector was completing this report, a family showed up to swim at the pool and managed to manipulate the cable lock and gain access to the pool through the gate.
Either permanently secure this entry gate, or repair code-locked gate so that it self-closes, self-latches, and can be locked so as to prevent unauthorized entry and potential drowning. Correct By: 11-Jun-2018

Inspection Information

[?] Facility Type: Pool

[?] Inspection Type: Follow-up

[?] Inspection Date: 26-June-2018

The following violation(s) have been corrected since the last inspection.
Thank you for correcting the violations noted on the previous inspection reports. No violations noted at this time.