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Mercer County Health Department

The Mercer County Health Department is now posting inspections for the following licensing  programs:  food service / retail food establishments, public swimming pools / spas, and campgrounds.  The inspections reflected in the posting begin mid-2016, and will continue from that time forward.   To access inspections prior to those posted, please contact the Environmental Division at 419-586-3251 and arrangements can be made to view the inspection(s) of interest.  You may also call with questions about inspections you have viewed, or if you would like to report a complaint.

When viewing inspections, please keep in mind that conditions within facilities vary from day to day and inspectors can only observe what is occurring at the time of inspection.  Inspection frequency requirements vary by facility type.  Some facilities are required to have one inspection per year, and others are required to have up to four.  Therefore, we appreciate feedback from the public regarding observations at these facilities, since we cannot be present at all times or for lengthy periods of time.  Complaints or reports are always vetted for legitimacy prior to issuance of any violations.

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