Miami County Public Health conducts inspections of public swimming pools and spas in Miami County with the exception of those in the city of Piqua.

All inspections conducted within the city limits of Piqua are performed by the Piqua City Health Department

An inspection report may not be representative of the overall, long-term conditions within a facility. It is important to understand inspection information provided here shows only the conditions of the facility at the time of the inspection. A single inspection report should not be used to evaluate the overall operation of an establishment. Looking at a facility’s inspection results over a period of time gives a more accurate picture of that facility’s commitment to compliance.

Violations are listed as critical and non-critical:

Critical Violations

Violations of the Public Swimming Pool/Spa Regulations which, if left uncorrected, are more likely than other violations to directly contribute to illness or injury. Examples include: low disinfectant residual, entrapment hazards, improper circulation, poor water quality, and inadequate number of lifeguards.

Non-Critical Violations

Violations not directly related to the cause of illness or injury, however if uncorrected, could affect the operation of the facility and lead to critical violations. Examples include a lack of facility cleanliness, trip hazards, record keeping, and inadequate safety equipment.

Inspection Frequency

Inspections are conducted at least once per year. The inspections are unannounced. Follow-up inspections are conducted to ensure any critical violation not corrected immediately is corrected in timely manner.

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