Inspection Information
Facility Name: Mansfield Liederkranz
Facility Type: Commercial FSO < 25000 sq. ft.
[?] Inspection type: Standard
Inspection date: 03-June-2014
Violations: A summary of the violations found during the inspection are listed below.
3717-1-04.5(A)(1) / Cleanliness of equipment food-contact surfaces and utensils.
Critical Corrected During Inspection Equipment food-contact surfaces or utensils are dirty. Observed remnants of dried potatoes in the potato slicer.
To prevent contamination, equipment food-contact surfaces and utensils shall be clean to sight and touch. Wash, rinse and sanitize the potato slicer immediately and after each use thereafter. Potato slicer was placed in the dishwasher and washed during the inspection.
Hand sink supplied and accessible.

Gloves available to prevent bare hand contact with ready to eat foods.

Chlorine sanitizing solution is used to store "in use" wiping cloths and to sanitize food contact surfaces.

Ice maker is acceptable with appropriate scoop storage.

Stacking order and date marking in refrigeration is acceptable.

Chemical storage acceptable. Chemicals are properly labeled and segregated.

Restrooms are supplied and maintained.

Dumpster is closed and maintained.