Inspection Information
Facility Name: Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers
Facility Type: Commercial FSO < 25000 sq. ft.
[?] Inspection type: Standard/Critical Control Point
Inspection date: 01-February-2019
Violations: A summary of the violations found during the inspection are listed below.
3717-1-05.1(O)(2) / Using a handwashing sink - other uses prohibited.
Critical Corrected During Inspection Handwashing sink is being used for purposes other than handwashing. Observed ground beef in the drain of the handsink.

3717-1-03.4(F)(1)(b) / Time/temperature controlled for safety food - cold holding.
Critical Corrected During Inspection TCS foods not being cold held at the proper temperature. Sliced tomatoes at the drive thru make table we temped at 45 degrees F.Manager voluntarily destroyed 4 tomatoes. New tomatoes temped at 33.3 degrees F.

3717-1-03.2(Q) / Food storage - preventing contamination from the premises.
Improper storage of food items. Boxes of food setting directly on the floor in the freezer.
Correct By: 01-Feb-2019
3717-1-04.5(D) / Nonfood-contact surfaces - cleaning frequency.
Unclean nonfood-contact surfaces of the inside top of the microwave.
Correct By: 01-Feb-2019
3717-1-06.4(A) / Repairing.
Physical facilities not maintained in good repair. Missing tiles on the floor in the walk-in freezer.
Correct By: 15-Feb-2019
Conducted and discussed inspection with Tracy Oyster Manager.
I - P - Employee Health: The operation had an employee health policy on file.
III - P - Preventing Contamination by Hands: Food employees were not contacting exposed ready-to-eat foods with bare hands.
IV - P - Demonstration of Knowledge:The operation is in compliance with Chapter 3717-1 of the Administrative Code.
VI - P - TCS Food: Observed hot foods being held at 135°F or above; cold foods being held at 41°F or below.
VI - TCS Food: TCS foods were not being held at the proper temperature.
VII - P - Protection from Contamination: Foods are protected from physical and environmental contamination during storage, preparation, holding and display.
X - P - Chemical: Toxic materials are properly identified and stored.