Inspection Information
Facility Name: Mansfield Liederkranz
Facility Type: Commercial FSO < 25000 sq. ft.
[?] Inspection type: Critical Control Point
Inspection date: 29-September-2017
Violations: A summary of the violations found during the inspection are listed below.
I / Employee Health
RPH employee health policy sent by e-mail.
Ensure all employees read and sign employee health policy. Retain signed copies at facility for future reference. Conditional employees are servers and bartenders.
II / Good Hygienic Practices
Observed pop can sitting on prep table in Banquet kitchen. Did not observe any discharge from eyes, nose or mouth.
When food employees are consuming drinks ensure it is done with a cup with a lid and straw.
III / Preventing Contamination by Hand
Observed food employee touching hamburger buns with her bare hands. Handwashing sink in Banquet kitchen to be adequately stocked with soap and paper towels. There is no true handsink in bar areas along with front small kitchen area.

IV / Demonstration of Knowledge
PIC in charge stating she did have ServSafe level 2 but was unable to produce certification. Facility had numerous repeat critical violations during time of inspection.

V / Food from Approved Source
All foods are obtained through approved sources.

VI / Time/Temperature Controlled Safety Food
TCS foods were improperly held at 41*F or below: sliced tomatoes and chopped salad mix. TCS foods were improperly cooled. Employees do not have access to food thermometers and are not taking temperatures of any foods. Foods were not properly date marked.
Educated PIC and employees along with President of the club on food safety issues and concerns. Food safety handouts are attached to this document, as promised. Refer to food safety handouts on proper cooling, date marking, stacking order, etc.
VII / Protection from Contamination
Foods were not properly protected from contamination by sitting on the ground and not properly covered in freezer. Foods were not properly stored in refrigeration units.
Refer to food safety handout on proper refrigeration storage. Instructed PIC to properly store foods up off the floor at least 6 inches.
X / Chemical
Quat ammonia sanitizer concentration used at bar and small kitchen. Chemical storage above 3-comp sink in Banquet room and over oils on large Hobart mixer stand were improper.
Refer to proper 3-comp sink food safety handout. If using quat ammonia needs to be properly between 200-400PPM and 75*F-120*F. If using bleach needs to be 50-100PPM.
Discussed inspection with Andy Romoser, President, Ingrid Banquet kitchen manager and Karrie small kitchen employee.

E-mailed copy of inspection report to:

Standard inspection completed at same time as CCP.

Food safety handouts attached to this inspection report. Ensure employees refer to food safety guidelines. Attached cooling temperature log to be completed and held for sanitarian review. All temperatures shall be taken when cooling, re-heating, and cooking foods. Refer to food safety handout for proper cooking temperatures. Any product that is re-heated must be brought to 165*F for at least 15 seconds. Any foods placed in microwave for cooking need to be done using proper procedures: food shall be covered, rotated halfway through, stirred, let sit for 2 minutes then take temperature. All foods cooked in microwave shall be 165*F.