Inspection Information
Facility Name: CVS Pharmacy #6176
Facility Type: Commercial RFE < 25000 sq. ft.
[?] Inspection type: Standard
Inspection date: 14-March-2018
3717-1-04.4(A)(2) / Equipment components kept intact, tight, and adjusted
Equipment components are not intact, tight or properly adjusted. -Observed the lower kick plate of a Master-bilt cooler containing coconut water in the rear, right corner of the store to be held on by the use of clear tape. Equipment is in need of proper repair.
Equipment components such as doors, seals, hinges, fasteners, and kick plates shall be kept intact, tight, and adjusted in accordance with manufacturer's specifications. Correct By: 14-Apr-2018
3717-1-06.4(F) / Drying mops.
Observed mops being dried using an unapproved method. -Observed mop left in mop bucket after use instead of hung in a position to enable air-drying.
After use, mops shall be placed in a position that allows them to air-dry without soiling walls, equipment, or supplies. Correct By: 14-Mar-2018
Discussed Inspection with PIC Victoria Gregory.

Provided RPH Vomit Response Procedure document and discussed clean up kit.
-Post Procedure in facility and gather supplies listed under step #2 for the kit.

Provided RPH Employee Illness Reporting Agreement.
-Make copies and have each employee and manager sign one. Keep signed copies on file for future inspections.

No email address for store location available. Inspection report sent via US Mail.