Inspection Information
Facility Name: Marco's Pizza # 1085
Facility Type: Commercial RFE < 25000 sq. ft.
[?] Inspection type: Standard
Inspection date: 04-April-2018
3717-1-04.2(C) / Drainboards.
Not enough space was provided for holding all soiled or clean utensils in the warewashing area. Observed soiled utensils stacked on top of a waste receptacle at the kitchen 3-compartment sink.
Drainboards, utensil racks, or tables large enough to accommodate all soiled and cleaned items shall be provided for utensil holding before cleaning and after sanitizing. Correct By: 18-Apr-2018
3717-1-06.4(D) / Cleaning ventilation systems, nuisance and discharge prohibition.
The ventilation system was not being properly cleaned or was creating a public health hazard. -Observed the fan covers inside the LaRosa prep table cooler to be covered in dust. -Observed the exhaust intake covers over the pizza oven to be covered in grease, flour and dust.
Intake and exhaust air ducts shall be cleaned and filters changed so they are not a source of contamination. If vented to the outside, ventilation systems may not create a public health hazard or nuisance or unlawful discharge.
3717-1-06.4(F) / Drying mops.
Repeat Observed mops being dried using an unapproved method. -Observed mop left in mop bucket instead of hung to air-dry.
After use, mops shall be placed in a position that allows them to air-dry without soiling walls, equipment, or supplies. Correct By: 04-Apr-2018
Discussed inspection with PIC Ashley Goetz.

PIC has signed employee illness agreements, bodily fluid spill procedure displayed, and bodily fluid spill clean up kit on premises.
-Continue to have any new employees sign an illness agreement as well.

Inspection report sent via email.