Inspection Information
Facility Name: Whit's Frozen Custard
Facility Type: Commercial FSO < 25000 sq. ft.
[?] Inspection type: Standard
Inspection date: 19-September-2019
3717-1-03.2(C) / Packaged and unpackaged food - preventing contamination by separation, packaging, and segregation
Critical Corrected During Inspection Food not properly protected from contamination by separation, packaging, and segregation. Observation: 5 gallon bucket of frozen custard with out lid or cover in walk in freezer.

3717-1-03.2(M) / Wiping cloths - use limitation.
Repeat Corrected During Inspection Improper use and/or maintenance of wiping cloths. Observation: Damp wiping cloths observed on counters. PIC moved to solution of sanitizer.

3717-1-04.4(A)(2) / Equipment components kept intact, tight, and adjusted
Equipment components are not intact, tight or properly adjusted. Observation: Gasket on door to Sunday make table was torn at the bottom. Please have replaced before next standard inspection.

3717-1-04.1(KK) / Food equipment - certification and classification.
Repeat Equipment not approved by a recognized testing agency. Observation: Keurig coffee maker observed to not be tested by approved testing agency. When unit no longer functions as designed, replace with commercial unit.

3717-1-04.5(D) / Nonfood-contact surfaces - cleaning frequency.
Non-food contact surface(s) not cleaned at the required frequency. Observation: Floor of walk in freezer had visible food debris.
Please clean. Correct By: 20-Sep-2019
3717-1-06(A)(1) / Indoor areas - surface characteristics
Floors, walls, and/or ceilings not constructed of approved materials. Observation: One shelf in storage area constructed of unsealed wood.
Please replace or seal before next standard inspection.
Conducted and reviewed inspection with owner Brett Moore.

Emailed inspection.