Inspection Information
Facility Type: Commercial FSO < 25000 sq. ft.
[?] Inspection type: Standard
Inspection date: 15-July-2016
No violations were documented at the time of inspection.
Received a phone call stating that a customer and her children had eaten at facility. Children began vomiting about an hour after eating. Children ate chicken and guacamole. While at facility temps on chicken and guacamole were within proper ranges. Final cooking temps for chicken were adequate.

The following was observed during the inspection: TCS food in hot holding >135F. TCS food in cold holding <41F. Metal stem probe thermometer was available. Spoke with P.I.C. about calibrating metal stem probe thermometer. Spoke with P.I.C. about employee health policy. Facility has an employee health policy in place that it follows. Hot water, soap, and single-use paper towels were available at handwash sinks. Hair restraints and single-use gloves were in use.

No violations observed during at time of inspection.