Inspection Information
Facility Name: CASA DEL TACO
Facility Type: Commercial FSO < 25000 sq. ft.
[?] Inspection type: Standard/Critical Control Point
Inspection date: 10-February-2021
Violations: A summary of the violations found during the inspection are listed below.
Paper towels at the handwashing sink in the kitchen area were not protected from contamination. To ensure proper hand washing procedure and to keep the towels clean, place them in a protective cover. This will allow the employee to refrain from grabbing the entire roll and saturating it.

In-use utensils improperly stored. Observed the utensils used for the refried beans and cooked beef to not be stored in the food with the handles out but instead on top of the covers. Ensure that the utensils are protected from potential contamination.

Observed the ice scoop's handle by the drive thru window to be touching the ice. Since ice is considered a food, the handle must not touch the food. Store in a way in which this is accomplished.

Equipment and utensils are not being air dried. Observed wet pans being stacked, not allowing them to air dry. Allow pans to completely air dry before using/stacking.

Physical facilities not maintained in good repair. Areas include but are not limited to the following: damaged/cracked floor tiles and damaged ceiling tiles. Repair as needed.

Repeat Observed walls under and around the dishwashing area to be dirty. Ensure these walls and all other aspects of the facility are kept clean from debris accumulation.

Went over report with PIC at time of inspection.
Observed the current license displayed. PIC has manager certification in food protection. Please make sure a copy of that certificate is readily available for future inspections.
Discussed employee health policy and clean up procedures.
PIC knowledgeable in CCP aspects. Discussed hot and cold holding temps and cooling and reheating. Date marking was good.
COVID precautions good. Observed mask usage, signs posted and every other table open in the lobby for social distancing.
Discussed with PIC about ensuring the outside dumpsters are kept closed when not in use to prevent pest attraction.