Inspection Information
Facility Type: Commercial FSO < 25000 sq. ft.
[?] Inspection type: Standard
Inspection date: 28-February-2017
Violations: A summary of the violations found during the inspection are listed below.
Critical TCS foods were not being held at the proper temperature. Specifically, foods were being held at 54 degrees Fahrenheit at the prep table cooler.
To prevent the growth of pathogens, except during preparation, cooking, or cooling, or when time is used as a public health control, TCS food shall be held at 135F or above (except that roasts cooked using time and temperature parameters in 3717-1-03.3 may be held at 130 F), or at 41F or less. Food was thrown away and cooler will not be used until the cooler is able to maintain temperatures at 41 degrees Fahrenheit or cooler.
The surfaces of cutting blocks or boards were severely scratched or scored and could not be effectively cleaned and sanitized.
Surfaces such as cutting blocks and boards that are subject to scratching and scoring shall be resurfaced if they can no longer be effectively cleaned and sanitized, or discarded if they are not capable of being resurfaced.