Inspection Information
Facility Name: CERTIFIED OIL #91
Facility Type: Commercial RFE < 25000 sq. ft.
[?] Inspection type: Standard
Inspection date: 20-January-2021
Violations: A summary of the violations found during the inspection are listed below.
Critical Nacho cheese dispenser had a large amoung of build up in the nozzle that distributes the nacho cheese. The build up looked to be from multiple days of not receiving proper cleaning.
Clean out the nozzle of the nacho cheese machine and be sure to do this daily to prevent further issues.
Corrected During Inspection Critical TCS foods not being hot held at the proper temperature. Observed hot deli sandwiches were 120 degrees. Both sandwiches were disposed of and the heat on the unit was turned up during the time of inspection.
PIC removed items below hot holding temperatures and raised the heat on hot holding unit.
Observed proper signs about wearing a mask and maintaining social distance during inspection.