Inspection Information
Facility Type: Commercial FSO < 25000 sq. ft.
[?] Inspection type: Standard/Complaint/Critical Control Point
Inspection date: 19-November-2020
Violations: A summary of the violations found during the inspection are listed below.
Corrected During Inspection Observed an employee drink around the food prep area. Employees shall eat, drink and use tobacco products in designated areas only and away from open food to avoid contamination. PIC made aware and drink was removed.

Critical Observed the inside of the ice machine to be dirty. Since ice is considered a food, the inside of this machine and other food contact surfaces like it shall be maintained clean.

Observed raw eggs not being stored on the bottom shelf of coolers. Raw eggs shall be stored here in order to prevent contamination of other foods.

Repeat Observed food debris accumulation on the handles of the reach in coolers and also the microwave's walls were dirty. NFC surfaces of equipment shall be cleaned at a frequency in which this accumulation does not occur.

Repeat Observed some grime build up on the bottom of walls, corners and hard to reach places in and near the kitchen. Facility shall be cleaned at a frequency in which this is avoided.

Observed a couple burnt out light bulbs in the fume hood of the facility. Please replace the light bulbs to maintain proper lighting intensity.

Observed grease accumulating in the basement near dry storage. This has been a preexisting/known issue. PIC was aware and employees were actively cleaning it up during the inspection. Please clean the ventilation system at a frequency in which grease does not accumulate to this degree.

PICs-Ciera and Jamie.
Went over the report with the PICs at the time of inspection.

Observed the facility's current license, level 2 food safety training, employee health policy and bodily fluid clean up procedure.
Discussed the CCP aspects and PICs were knowledgeable.
Received a complaint regarding the facility's having very dirty floors and a dirty curtain leading from the kitchen to the dining area that food was touching. Discussed the complaint with the PICs and at the time of the inspection, the floors in the dining area were clean and the curtain was free of any evidence of touching food. The PICs stated that they wash the curtain regularly. Facility shall train staff to walk through curtain in a manner in which the food does not come in contact with the curtain OR remove the curtain entirely. If another complaint is received regarding the curtain, the curtain shall be removed in the opinion of the SIT.
Facility should keep an eye on their cutting boards as they are wearing down. If they become scorn and no longer easily cleanable, they should be replaced. Ensure hand sinks are accessible at all times too.

Observed proper COVID precautions being taken such as employees wearing masks, proper signs posted and a thermometer in the facility in which the staff use to monitor symptoms.