Inspection Information
Facility Name: FARMER'S MARKET
Facility Type: Commercial RFE < 25000 sq. ft.
[?] Inspection type: Standard
Inspection date: 23-November-2020
Violations: A summary of the violations found during the inspection are listed below.
Corrected During Inspection Observed no paper towels or hand drying device at the hand sink by the deli cooler. To ensure proper handwashing procedure, paper towels or a proper device should be kept at this and all hand sinks.

Critical Observed a jug of labelled insect killer next to boxes of food (hot fries, candy). Chemicals shall be stored in a designated area away from food to prevent potential contamination.

Observed a torn gasket on one of the reach in cooler/drink coolers door. Replace any and all gaskets to ensure proper temps are being maintained.

Observed expired QAC sanitizer test strips. Asked the PIC and no other test strips were located. Ensure valid test strips are kept in the facility and sanitizer is tested routinely. Acceptable range is from 150-400 ppm.

Repeat Observed dust and debris accumulation on the shelving of some of the reach in cooler/drink doors. NFC surfaces of equipment shall be cleaned at a frequency in which this is prevented. This is also where the facility stores eggs and bacon. The temperature of the unit was compliant however.

Observed dust accumulation throughout the facility and in the walk in cooler's fan shield. Facility shall be cleaned at a frequency in which this is prevented and dust does not blow onto any food.

Repeat Observed several damaged floor tiles throughout the facility. The physical facility shall be kept/maintained in good repair. Please replace these tiles.

PIC- John (owner)
Observed proper COVID-19 precautions being practiced such as proper signage posted on all entrances of the facility, employees wearing masks and six feet social distancing markers throughout the facility. Discussed precautions with PIC.

Appears facility has paid for license this year, but could not provide it. Please post the license in a conspicuous location for future inspections.
Observed sanitizer and hot water. Cold holding temps all good.