Inspection Information
Facility Name: FARMER'S MARKET
Facility Type: Commercial RFE < 25000 sq. ft.
[?] Inspection type: Standard
Inspection date: 05-February-2021
Violations: A summary of the violations found during the inspection are listed below.
Critical Refrigerated, ready-to-eat, TCS foods not properly date marked. Observed packages of bologna and other lunch meats that were open (out of their original packaging) without date marks. Once opened, these types of food shall be date marked if held longer than 24 hours, and shall be consumed, sold or discarded no longer than 7 days after. Ensure to date mark all refrigerated, ready to eat, TCS foods.

Repeat Equipment components are not intact, tight or properly adjusted. Observed torn seals on pop cooler doors. Repair/replace as needed so that the proper temps are maintained.

Repeat Observed expired test strips at the 3 bowl sink. Ensure valid test strips are maintained in the facility to test sanitizer concentration levels prior to use.

Repeat Observed accumulation of debris on the shelving of the walk in cooler. Ensure all non food contact surfaces of equipment are maintained clean.

Observed no toilet tissue in the public restroom during inspection. Toilet tissue shall be supplied at all toilets in the facility.

Mops dried improperly. When not in use or after use, mops must be hung to air dry.

Repeat Observed damaged/cracked floor tiles in the lobby area. Repair/replace to ensure the floor is smooth and easily cleanable.

Repeat Observed debris accumulation on the floor in between the energy drink and pop coolers, and dust accumulation in the fan shield of the walk in. Ensure all aspects of the facility are maintained clean.

Observed an exposed light bulb in the walk in cooler. All lights in food areas shall be shielded. Ensure that a shield is placed around the light bulb to prevent potential contamination if it was to break.

PICs-Joe and Brittney
Old license displayed, when you receive the new one (2022) next month please properly display it.
COVID precautions good. Observed signs posted, social distancing markers on the ground, and employees wearing masks.
Discussed properly labeling/date marking the deli meats in the deli case after opening them.