Establishment Name Date Inspection Type
Thawing: Not Observed
Under refrigeration - food at 41°F.N/A
Thawing in water:
  • Sufficient water velocity.
  • Thawed portion of RTE food not above 41°F.
  • Thawed portions of food requiring cooking not above 41°F for more than 4 hrs.
  • Water temperature 70°F or less.
Part of continuous cooking process.N/A
Thawed in microwave and immediately transferred to conventional cooking equipment.N/A
Holding: Yes
Hot TCS food held at 135°F or above.S-PIC
Roasts at 130°F or above.N/A
Cold TCS foods held at 41°F or less.S-PIC
Cooking: Not Observed
Eggs - 155°F for 15 sec (or chart).N/A
Comminuted fish, meat, and game animals: 155°F for 15 sec (or chart).N/A
Meat roasts: 130°F for 112 min (or charts).N/A
Ratites and injected meats: 155°F for 15 sec (or chart).N/A
Poultry; stuffed fish / meat / pasta / poultry / ratites; or stuffing with fish, meat, poultry, or ratites: 165°F for 15 sec.N/A
Whole-muscle, intact beef steaks: Surface temp of 145°F and surfaces have a cooked color.N/A
Microwave: Raw animal foods rotated, stirred, covered, heated to 165° F, Stand: 2 min after cooking.N/A
Fish, meat, game animals: 145°F for 15 sec.N/A
Fruits and vegetables: 135°F or above for hot holding..N/A
Raw Menu Item: Not Observed
Approved Source:N/A
Records retained:
  • Source.
  • Product receiving temperature.
  • Product storage temperature.
  • Display temp (ambient if packaged, product if not).
Consumer advisory (otherwise a variance).N/A
Protection from contamination.N/A
Cooling Time-Temp Control: Yes
Cooked TCS foods cooled from 135°F - 70°F in 2 hrs; 70°F - 41°F or less in 4 hrs.S-PIC
TCS food prepared with ambient air temperature ingredients cooled to 41°F in 4 hrs.N/A
Time as a Public Health Control Cold/Hot Foods: Not Observed
Used only for:
  • A working food supply, or
  • RTE TCS foods displayed or held for immediate service.
Written procedures available to licensor for review.N/A
Hot & Cold Food: 4 hr limitation
  • Food >135°F or < 41°F when removed from temp control
  • Food marked to indicate when time limit expires.
  • Food shall be cooked/served or served within 4 hr time limit.
  • Discard food when: 4 hr time limit has expired; Containers missing time mark, or time mark to exceed 4 hr time limit.
Cold Food: 6 hr limitation
  • Food is <41°F when removed from temp control.
  • Ensure does not exceed 70°F: Monitor food temp; or maintain ambient air at 70°F or less.
  • Mark food to indicate time when: Removed from temp control and 6 hr limit has expired.
  • Cook/serve or serve food within 6 hr time limit.
  • Discard food when: Temperature > 70°F; 6 hr time limit has expired; containers missing time mark, or time mark exceeds 6 hr time limit.
Reheating: Yes
TCS foods rapidly reheated to 165°F or above for 15 sec.S-PIC
Food reheated to 165°F or above in a microwave.N/A
Commercially processed RTE food heated to 135°F or above for hot holding.N/A
Remaining unsliced portions of roasts reheated for hot holding using oven/time/temperature charts.N/A
Two hour maximum reheating time.S-PIC
Reheating: Not Observed
Method of transport and protection from contamination.N/A
Method of cold and hot food temperature maintenance during transport and at site.N/A
Method of hand washing.N/A
Method of minimizing hand contact with RTE foods.N/A
Protection from contamination by consumers.N/A
Records of food temperatures before serving.N/A
Freezing Fish for Parasite Destruction (on premises): Not Observed
Approved source.N/A
-4°F or below for 168 hrs (7 days) in a freezer, or -31°F or below for 15 hrs in a blast freezer.N/A
Records retained:
  • Species (If not amenable to freezing).
  • Freezing temperature & time.
  • For 90 calendar days.
Food Process Reviewed
SSatisfactory -Observed
U-PICPerson in Charge - Not Knowledgeable
S-PIC Person in Charge - Knowledgeable
N/ANot Applicable