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Food Establishment and Restaurant Reports

Wondering how your favorite restaurants handle food safety? As an agent of the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, it is the responsibility of the Greenfield Health Department to enforce local and state codes regarding the inspection and licensure of restaurants.

The Environmental Health Specialist inspects and licenses all restaurants within the City of Greenfield.  Each licensed establishment receives an annual routine inspection and additional inspections based on findings or complaints.  In addition, inspections are made for non-licensed and food sales at temporary events (including July 4th festivities, Dan Jansen Fest, church festivals, etc.).  The Environmental Health Specialist also educates food service personnel about regulations and methods of correction. 

If violations are observed during a routine or investigative inspection, they are described in the inspection report with reference to the Wisconsin Food Code.  Violations that are immediate health hazards to the general public are corrected immediately; other violation orders are given an appropriate amount of time to be corrected depending on their severity.  Additional inspections are conducted until all violations are corrected.  Enforcement actions may be pursued for excessive risk factor violations and or repeated violations from past inspections.  These actions could include, but are not limited to, citations, re-inspection fees, or suspension of license.

Please note that these reports provide information on the conditions observed by the Environmental Health Specialist at the time of inspection, and may not reflect corrective actions or current conditions. An inspection conducted on any given day may not be representative of the overall, long term operation of the facility.  Therefore, visitors to this site are cautioned against making interpretations regarding a particular facility based on only one report.  While every effort is made to keep the information accurate, the City of Greenfield is not responsible for discrepancies between posted information and the actual inspection reports provided to the licensed establishment.

The Greenfield Environmental Health Specialist also performs other essential services such as retail food inspections, swimming pool, lodging and tattoo facility inspections.  This staff member is also involved with investigations of other environmental health problems and human health hazards throughout the City.

Please contact the Environmental Health Specialist at 414-329-5275 if you have questions regarding an inspection report or to notify the health department of concerns you may have.