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Food Facility Inspections

Henry & Stark County Health Department

Welcome to the Henry & Stark County Health Department Inspection Website. This website offers an opportunity to share information which may assist you in being a well-informed consumer. This web site is updated daily, but there may be a lag period due to unforeseen circumstances.

The Environmental Health Division of Henry & Stark County Health Departments utilizes a risk based inspection which embodies a proactive/preventive approach to food safety.  It is designed to

✔ Enable the inspectors, to perform more comprehensive inspection focusing into foodborne illness risk factors by incorporating the actions or procedures implemented by food protection managers as how they attain control measures for foodborne illness risk factors.
✔ Enable immediate corrective action during the inspection, for out-of-control risk factors that pose an immediate, serious danger to the consumer.
✔ Empowers the operator to be able to identify and correct practices known to contribute to the likelihood of foodborne illness.
✔ Provides the operator ownership of food safety (to attain control over foodborne illness), leading to a long term behavioral change.