[?] A summary of the violations found during the inspection are listed below.

3717-1-04.5(A)(1) / Cleanliness of equipment food-contact surfaces and utensils.
Critical Equipment food-contact surfaces or utensils are unclean. Observed mold in ice machine.

3717-1-03.4(K) / Reduced oxygen packaging without a variance- criteria.
Critical Repeat Facility does not have HACCP plan for reduced oxygen packaging.

3717-1-04.8(E)(1) / Single-service and single-use articles - storage
Observed boxes of containers stored on the floor.

3717-1-04.2(I) / Sanitizing solutions - testing devices.
No sanitizer test kit available.

Inspection Information

Facility Type: Commercial RFE < 25000 sq. ft.

[?] Inspection Type: Standard

Inspection Date: 28-February-2023

One of the facilities hot water tanks is not working. Employees still have access to hand sinks with hot water.

Manager stated that they have not used ROP machine for a while. Remove equipment from facility if not being used. Contact this office if the facility plans to continue reduced oxygen packaging.