All campgrounds in Beckley-Raleigh County Health district are inspected by the Health Department. This section includes public campgrounds.

Any person who wishes to operate a campground must first apply for and obtain a permit from the Health Department. Permits are issued following a review of facility’s application and plans to assure compliance with West Virginia law. Routine inspections during the operation of the campground assess the operator's success in assuring that routine practices are conducted in a safe and sanitary manner.

Keep in mind that any inspection report is a "snapshot" of the day and time of the inspection. On any given day, a campground could have fewer or more violations than noted in the report.

Inspection Frequency:

All campgrounds are inspected at least twice per year. Campgrounds can be inspected more often if there is a need, such as prior to a large event or poor history of compliance.

Inspection Types
  • Routine: A regular inspection of the facility. This is a full inspection that assesses the entire facility and staff for the purpose of safety, sanitation, and compliance with the rules. These are unannounced (aka surprise) inspections.

  • Follow-up Inspection:· An inspection to assess correction of specific violations that were noted during a routine, complaint, or opening inspection. These are typically scheduled since the facility is usually given a deadline (such as 10 days) to correct the violation(s.)

  • Complaint:· An inspection of the facility to assess potential violations noted in a complaint that was received by the Health Department. All complaints are investigated within 10 days, with priority given to complaints about illness or injury.

  • Opening: : An inspection of a new facility prior to opening or of a facility that has changed ownership to assess whether the facility qualifies for a permit. The assessment looks at whether the facility has been built/remodeled/upgraded according to the plans that they submitted to the Health Department and that the facility meets all current applicable West Virginia laws.