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The De Pere Health Department exists to protect and promote public health across a lifespan through education, policy development and valued services. Our belief is that prevention is the most effective public health strategy.  Environmental Health, Nursing, Preparedness and Weights and Measures are all part of the health department programs and services provided to the community.

The Environmental Health program protects the health and safety of De Pere residents and visitors through regulatory activities in restaurants and retail food establishments, public swimming pools, lodging establishments and tattoo/body piercing establishments.  Additionally, the health department investigates nuisance complaints, housing sanitation complaints, rodent and insect infestations, lead based paint hazards, human or animal rabies exposures, and other environmental hazards. The health department also provides public education and acts as a referral mechanism to other state and local agencies for information on environmental health concerns.

Please visit our website at  The only program available to be viewed at this time is the Food Inspection Program.  The other program inspections will be made available in the future.