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Food Establishment and Restaurant Reports

What information is included in Restaurant Inspection reports?

Our Staff inspect restaurants to make sure the food you're served is cooked, prepared, and stored safely so you can avoid foodborne illness (commonly called food poisoning). Reports include information on violations as:

Priority Items -- things that can cause foodborne illness. Example: Meats are not cooked to the right temperature to kill foodborne disease germs, food is not kept hot enough until it is served, and food is not kept cold enough.

Priority Foundation Items -- things that don’t directly cause foodborne illness, but can support it. Example: Sink that doesn’t have soap and paper towel available for workers to wash their hands.       

Core Items -- things that relate to the general cleanliness of the restaurant. Example: Microwave that is not cleaned on a frequent basis.

Important Information about Restaurant Inspection Reports

Please remember that any inspection is a 'snapshot' of the day and time of the inspection. An inspection conducted on any given day may not be representative of the overall, long-term health and safety of an establishment.

  • Updated information is posted as often as possible. This site may not reflect any changes made to correct the violations identified or any new violations that may occur following the last inspection. In addition, there may be errors or omissions in the information.
  • Eau Claire City-County Health Department is not responsible for discrepancies between information posted here and the actual inspection reports provided to the food establishment, pool, or water system and maintained on file at the office.
  • The information posted about inspections is valid only at the time the report was made. Conditions are subject to change.