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The Wisconsin Department Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, Bureau of Food and Recreational Businesses is responsible for managing programs that enforce applicable state administrative codes for the inspection and licensure of restaurants, retail food establishments, hotels, bed and breakfast establishments, public swimming pools including water park attractions, and campgrounds in Wisconsin.

The program is also responsible for contracting with, monitoring and training Local Public Health Departments who sign agreements to administer the programs within their own jurisdictions.


Licensing and regulation of every public restaurant, swimming pool, campground, recreational education camp, lodging establishment, food operation, and vending machine business in the state of Wisconsin.


Wisconsin is a national leader in supporting the growth and safe operation of diverse food, lodging and recreational businesses.


  • Reduce exposure to environmental and safety hazards in licensed facilities.
  • Reduce the death and illness of people in Wisconsin.
  • Promote public health through a statewide program to prevent and control exposure to food-borne, water-borne, blood-borne, or recreational hazards.

Promote awareness of the things people can do to keep their food, water, and recreational resources safe.