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Welcome to the Waupaca County Public Health Division - Environmental Health Unit Inspection Website.

Through comprehensive needs assessment, the mission of Waupaca County Health Services Division is to provide individuals, families, and communities with direct and collaborative interventions to promote and enhance health, wellness, and safety. Waupaca County spans 760 squares miles and is home to 52,285 residents. It includes 22 towns, 6 villages, and 6 cities.

The Environmental Health Unit consists of Environmental Health Specialist that perform a wide variety of important environmental and public health functions. One segment of the Environmental Health Unit is the Licensing and Inspection program. Waupaca County Public Health Division is an Agent of the State of Wisconsin to license and inspect restaurants, recreational establishments, and other public business sectors. Currently the Waupaca County Environmental Health Unit issues about 460 licenses and conducts over 500 inspections annually.