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Health is Our Business….Committed to a Healthy Kenosha


“To assure the delivery of health services necessary to prevent disease, maintain and promote health, and to protect and preserve a healthy environment for all citizens of Kenosha County regardless of ethnic origin, cultural and economic resources”


The environmental health section is dedicated to the 168,000 residents of Kenosha County and works tirelessly around Kenosha’s 272 square miles to ensure public health. Kenosha County encompasses 1 city; Kenosha, 6 towns; Brighton, Paris, Randall, Salem, Somers, and Wheatland, and 6 Villages; Bristol, Genoa City, Paddock Lake, Pleasant Prairie, Silver Lake, and Twin Lakes. All of these jurisdictions play an active role in the goals of the environmental section and are vital to ensuring overall public health for all residents of Kenosha County.

The environmental health section preserves and enhances the public health environment of Kenosha County. It provides information, regulations, education, and intervention in areas of food, water, waste, recreation, lodging, environmental and human health hazards, and consumer protection in a professional and responsive manner.

The environmental health section currently consists of 5 sanitarians, 2 environmental health technicians, 1 lead sanitarian and 1 supervisor. The staff continually works with businesses, property owners, officials, the general public as well as community partners to ensure the Kenosha County Residents have safe food, safe water, safe living conditions, and a healthy community.

Kenosha County Division of Health

Environmental Section

8600 Sheridan Road, Suite 600

Kenosha, WI 53143