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The Lincoln County Health Department is responsible for the licensing and regulation of food operations, retail operations, lodging establishments, campgrounds, swimming pools, body art establishments, and manufactured home communities.

Lincoln County Health Department staff is responsible for managing programs that enforce applicable state administrative codes. This includes the inspection and licensure of retail food stores, restaurants, hotels, motels, tourist rooming houses, bed and breakfast establishments, public swimming pools including water park attractions, campgrounds, recreation and educational camps, and tattoo and body piercing establishments in Lincoln County. All licensed establishments that serve the public are inspected by Lincoln County Health Department annually.


To provide services to residents promoting optimal health and safety through prevention, protection, and intervention.


  • Reduce exposure to environmental and safety hazards in licensed facilities.
  • Reduce preventable illness and death of people in Lincoln County.
  • Promote public health through a statewide program within Lincoln County to prevent and control exposure to hazards related to food, water, recreation and other disease.
  • Promote awareness of steps people can do to keep their food, water, and recreational resources safe.