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The Oneida County Health Department (OCHD) serves 1,236 square miles and is home to approximately 36,000 full time residents. Oneida County, Wisconsin is a tourist destination for people from Southern Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, and from states as far as the east, west, and south coasts. The 1,100 area lakes attract an estimated 150,000 visitors during the summer.

The OCHD Environmental Health (EH) staff licenses and inspects approximately 1,100 establishments which include: restaurants, grocery stores, lodging, public pools, youth camps, campgrounds, tattoo and body piercing and mobile home parks. As an “Agent” for the State for the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, we enforce administrative codes during licensing and inspection of these programs. Visit our website at

The EH staff consists of two Environmental Health Specialists (EHS) that are State of Wisconsin Registered Sanitarians, and one Environmental Health Technician. The EHS works with establishment owners and managers to ensure their facilities are managed in a sanitary manner to protect public health. Staff is trained in using FDA Food Inspection Protocol, which results in a uniform inspection process for every facility. 

The reports that you will view are “snapshots” of conditions during the inspection. An inspection may not be representative of the overall, long term operation of the facility.  The overall safety of the food produced may or may not be reflected in one report.

Please contact an EHS at 1.715.369.6111 if you have any questions regarding an inspection report. The only program available to be viewed at this time is the Food Inspection Program. The other program inspections will be made available in the future.