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Food Establishment and Restaurant Reports

On this site, you can view food inspection reports for facilities located throughout our jurisdiction.

The Environmental Unit consists of Environmental Health Sanitarians that perform a wide variety of important environmental and public health functions. One segment of the Environmental Health Unit is the Licensing and Inspection program. Outagamie County Public Health Division is an Agent of Wisconsin to license and inspect restaurants and retail food stores (grocery stores and convenience stores). Plus, the Division regulates other public entities such as lodging establishments, recreational swimming pools, campgrounds, tattoo and body piercing businesses, bed and breakfast establishments, and recreational/educational camps.

Outagamie County Public Health Division is working in conjunction with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services to make inspection reports of all regulated facilities more accessible to the public. This public portal is limited to view inspections online of Outagamie County restaurants. Over time additional facilities types will be added to this site.

Please keep in mind that any inspection report is a “snapshot” of observations recorded during the time the inspector was at the facility. Therefore, an inspection report may not be representative of the overall, long-term conditions within an establishment. Lastly, Environmental Health Sanitarians conduct risk-based inspections. Emphasis and focus is directed toward observing processes that could cause a foodborne illness in customers if left uncontrolled.

Due to Outagamie County Public Health Division becoming a recent user of this on-line inspection program, only restaurant inspections conducted since October 1, 2014 are available on this website. Information on other inspections can be obtained by contacting Outagamie County Public Health Division at (920) 832-5100 or