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The Wauwatosa Health Department serves as an agent for the State of Wisconsin Department of Agriculture and Consumer Protection (DATCP).  As a DATCP agent, Wauwatosa Health Department staff are responsible for the enforcement of local and State codes regarding the inspection and licensure of restaurants, retail food establishments, lodging establishments, public swimming pools and vending machines.  In addition to licensing and inspection activities, the Wauwatosa Health Department also:

  • Investigates infectious and communicable diseases in our community
  • Promotes health by providing select immunizations
  • Investigates and inspects for nuisances and human health hazards
  • Prepares for public health emergencies
  • Provides education on how to reduce or eliminate health risks
  • Conducts lead poisoning and rabies exposure prevention programs
  • Assesses and mitigates our community's health needs
  • Conducts presentations about health topics

Although you may not have had direct contact with us, many of the improvements that prolong life and protect health and safety in Wauwatosa are directly related to public health.  Additional information about our services can be found on our website at or by phone at 414-479-8936.

Note: Only inspections conducted after October 2017 are available on this website.