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Retail Food Establishment Reports

The Environmental Health Section of the North Shore Health Department licenses and inspects food establishments that serve the public in Bayside, Brown Deer, Fox Point, Glendale, River Hills, Shorewood and Whitefish Bay. Licensed and inspected facilities include all restaurants, caterers, mobile food establishments, special events with temporary food stands, and retail food establishments. Inspections ensure that establishments comply with the Wisconsin Food Code. Environmental Health Specialists work in partnership with owners and operators of food establishments to assure food safety as well as worker safety.

The goal of our inspection program is to work with operators to reduce the risk of foodborne illness by educating managers and staff to obtain safe food service.

The NSEHC also investigates cases of foodborne illness. The source of the illness may be food from a private home, food at a social gathering, or a restaurant or retail food store. The NSEHC works with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services to determine the source of the illness, stop the spread of illness, and prevent it from happening in the future. To prevent a foodborne illness outbreak, upon request we will provide educational materials and training for food service workers on an ongoing basis for establishments.

The public is invited to contact us with concerns regarding food safety at establishments, questions about food preparation or safety, and complaints of food or waterborne illness. All complaints or concerns will be addressed.

Important Information about Food Reports.

The information posted on this site about inspections is valid only at the time of the report. Conditions are subject to change, and inspections are part of a process of continuous improvement.

Updated information is posted to this site as often as possible. This site may not reflect any changes made to correct the hazards identified or any new hazards that may occur subsequent to the time of the last assessment or inspection. In addition, there may be errors or omissions in the information.

Visitors to this site should not interpret the status of a particular facility based on only one report. While every effort is made to keep the information up-to-date and ensure that it is accurate, the Health Department is not responsible for discrepancies between information posted here and the actual inspection reports provided to the establishment and maintained on file at the Health Department.